Philosophy of Action

A paper on nonbasic action (under review)

  • Argues against the ubiquitous assumption that constitutive means are necessarily taken to nonbasic action

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A paper on action and knowledge (under review)

  • A paper that offers a new argument against Anscombean claims of a necessary connection between intentional action and knowledge

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The Control Theory of Action (in preparation)

  • Proposes a comprehensive theory of action with a theory of control at its center

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Action in a Virtual World (in preparation)

  • Discusses the question of the relationship between one's actions and the doings of one's virtual self in a virtual world

The Ethical Function of (the Concept of) Intentional Action (in preparation)

  • Argues that the concept of intentional action is in some important sense a constitutively ethical concept


Deliberative Indispensability, Epistemic Justification, and Being a Successful Inquirer (in preparation)

  • A paper that argues that a certain constitutive feature of being a successful inquirer for creatures like us has important implications for David Enoch's deliberative indispensability argument for Robust Realism

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Uniform Normativity: An Adequacy Constraint on a Theory of Social Rules (in preparation)

  • Argues for the following adequacy constraint on a theory of social rules: the theory offers an account of the normativity of a social rule that is uniform in kind across all to whom the rule applies. Argues that Michael Bratman's theory of social rules as is does not satisfy this adequacy constraint but a version of the theory very much in the same spirit does

Formal Epistemology

On Accuracy and Coherence with Infinite Opinion Sets

Philosophy of Science. forthcoming.

  • A version with most proofs in-text can be found here.