Philosophy of Action

A paper on nonbasic action (under review)

  • Argues against the ubiquitous assumption that constitutive means are necessarily taken to nonbasic action

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A paper on action and knowledge (under review)

  • A paper that offers a new argument against Anscombean claims of a necessary connection between intentional action and knowledge

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The Control Theory of Action (in preparation)

  • Proposes a comprehensive theory of action with a theory of control at its center

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Action in a Virtual World (in preparation)

  • Discusses the question of the relationship between one's actions and the doings of one's virtual self in a virtual world

The Ethical Function of (the Concept of) Intentional Action (in preparation)

  • Argues that the concept of intentional action is in some important sense a constitutively ethical concept


Deliberative Indispensability, Epistemic Justification, and Being a Successful Inquirer (in preparation)

  • A paper that argues that a certain constitutive feature of being a successful inquirer for creatures like us has important implications for David Enoch's deliberative indispensability argument for Robust Realism

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Formal Epistemology

On Accuracy and Coherence with Infinite Opinion Sets

Philosophy of Science. forthcoming.

  • A version with most proofs in-text can be found here.

  • Here are some slides.

Accuracy and Infinity: A Dilemma for Subjective Bayesians (in preparation)

with Sven Neth.

  • Argues that subjective Bayesians face a dilemma: they must offend against the spirit of their permissivism about rational credence or they must rationally permit accuracy dominated credences

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